Akashic Shaman

In your soul lies the entryway

to the world of real magic...



about us

Akashic Shaman is devoted towards helping the seeker find their way on the path of life, whilst endeavouring to bring balance to the imbalance within our own lives.


We offer various therapies and workshops, as well as a variety of shamanic herbs and gifts for sale, plus fairtrade didges.


To learn more about us and what we can offer, please read our following pages.

Akashic Shaman comprises of Trace Cz WhiteCrow. For more than 20 years, the founder member, Trace Cz WhiteCrow, has studied, trained, and practiced in many subjects and paths, including shamanism, wicca, and psychic modalites, and from this she offers a variety of therapies, workshops, and guidance to those wishing to venture onto this path.

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